In 2017 our Pastor cast a vision

Our pastor shared a vision with the Church in May 2017. The vision was to remodel our foyer, create a Nursery/Sunday school room from an office and storage room, remodel the sanctuary and upstairs rooms, and build an addition to extend our fellowship hall.

We worked hard as a church body to make the vision a reality. But two months after we started the remodel, Harvey hit Southeast Texas and flooded our church and the work we had done.

We had never seen water reach that high before. We had no flood insurance and not enough money in our building fund to fix the damages. We prayed and worked. It looked like an impossible task, but we soon learned that nothing is impossible with God.

For the next year and a half, we saw miracle after miracle happen as we trusted God to bring us through the biggest challenge our Church had ever faced. Now we see that it was all part of God’s plan to fulfill His vision for our Church and community!

We will never stop reaching for God's vision

Our work is never done! As long as we live and there are people in need, we will keep growing God’s Kingdom in every way. From our local Church, to our community, and to the world, we will reach out and do all that God calls us to do.

Through our obedience, we have witnessed many lives transformed and have had the opportunity to minister in places that never have before. Our Church family has grown in ways never imagined and truly knows that a building doesn’t define us.

We didn’t let the lack of a building stop us from being the Church, and we won’t let the presence of a building limit us from being the Church without walls, always reaching into the field of God’s Kingdom that is ripe and ready for the harvest of lost souls!

You matter and we want you to be a part of the vision

We are more than a Church; we are a family of believers who love God and love people. Our mission is to serve others as we serve Christ. We reject a Church culture of exclusivity and elitism, this is a Church where you matter.

You matter if you’re elderly, you matter if you’re not a preacher, you matter if you’re a widow, you matter if you’re an orphan, you matter if you’re single, you matter if you’re a youth, you matter if you’re a couple, you matter if you’re struggling with addiction, you matter if you’ve been abused, you matter if you’re flat broke, you matter if you’re well off. It doesn’t matter what race, gender, or class you are, you matter here!!!

We can’t wait to meet you and your loved ones and grow together in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. Come join us as soon as you can. We have many ways for you to connect with us and we want God’s best for you!

Be a part of God's Vision...

We invite you to join us every Sunday at 2:15 for Sunday School for all ages and at 3:30 as we worship together for our main service!