More about Our Pastor & First Lady

Pastor Kevin Luke and his wife Shelby Luke have been married since October 21, 2009. They are proud parents of two children, Kaden and Elizabeth. Deeply devoted to their faith, they have a strong love for God and a genuine love for people.

Pastor Kevin Luke has extensive experience in various ministries, including pastoring, jail ministry, youth ministry, outreach, Sunday School teaching, administration, children's ministry, and church maintenance. He has been actively involved in all aspects of local church life, demonstrating his dedication and commitment to serving the congregation.

Shelby Luke has also made significant contributions to the ministry of the Church while balancing her responsibilities as a devoted mother. She has been involved in singing, Sunday School teaching, ladies ministry, administration, and church cleaning, showcasing her talents and dedication to serving God's people.

Their shared passion lies in serving God and building His Kingdom, valuing every soul and showing compassion to all, regardless of their background or circumstances. Pastor Kevin Luke's personal journey of overcoming intense struggles with addiction and criminal activity has given him a unique perspective and deep empathy for those who are lost. Their own transformation through God's grace fuels their desire to reach out and help others experience the same life-changing power.

Pastor Kevin Luke began his ministry journey in 2009 when God initiated a rapid work of transformation in his life and the lives of his family. They consider it an honor and a pleasure to serve the congregation they pastor, nurturing and guiding them with love and wisdom.

With their genuine love for people, deep-rooted faith, and diverse ministry experiences, Pastor Kevin Luke and First Lady Shelby Luke are a dynamic duo devoted to serving God and making a lasting impact on the lives of those they encounter.

Kevin Luke

Senior Pastor

A pastor that is approachable and wants God's best for you and those you love.